Conexión is a first-of-its-kind political and public engagement consulting group. 100% Latino-owned and led, our team has served at the highest levels of government, campaigns and creative agencies.

We specialize in navigating the public landscape to connect through creative media, strategic communications and effective stakeholder engagement.

We don't just communicate, we make the CONEXION!

Our Expertise

Strategic Communications and Branding

We build communications plans that reach the right people in the right place at the right time.

Crisis Communication

Rapid response, situational assessments, contingency planning and reputation management.

Media Training & Advising

Customized preparation, mock interviews, message refinement, media/social media best practices.

Message Development & Creative Content

Strategic data-driven narrative development to launch a brand, respond to a crisis or build winning message driven campaigns.

Public Engagement

Tailored stakeholder mobilization strategies and coalition building.